iDraft ’23 is here!

The long-awaited scriptwriting workshop of the season is here. Featuring an intense learning experience, the iDraft workshop tailors to aspiring and existing scriptwriters, who dream of taking their stories from idea to a final screenplay.

IDraft by Albansho seeks to create a bridge between the screenwriting community and producers within the film industry. By providing the screenwriters with the education and refinement needed to create unique stories, we will also afford producers the platform to acquire these screenplays.


To Participate in this workshop, a writer is eligible to apply if such writer:

  • is based in Africa (With 60 – 70% of their script based in Nigeria or can be localised for other African regions)
  • has an idea that is a FICTIONAL FEATURE FILM;
  • is the sole developer of the submitted idea and has all copyright and relevant intellectual property rights in the expression of such idea vested in such writer
  • is willing to sell the final draft of the work at the end of the workshop to partner film production companies/brands through Albantsho subject to relevant terms and conditions.

Please note that Albantsho does NOT accept short forms, documentaries, and other forms of scripts at this time.

This application is FREE.

All Applicants must complete the form here to apply. If you are experiencing difficulty? Please send an email to [email protected]