iDraft Griot Panel 2023: Celebrating African Storytelling and Unveiling the Future of Filmmaking on the Continent – Event Recap

Aug 1, 2023

The highly anticipated iDraft Griot Panel 2023 took center stage on July 28 at the Mike Adenuga Center auditorium in Lagos. This unforgettable event delivered enlightening conversations, thought-provoking discussions, and valuable insights into African storytelling and filmmaking.

With two expert-led panel sessions, “Extracting the Stories Around” and “Intelligent Assistance for Creativity: The AI Story,” the day was filled with captivating discussions that left a lasting impact.


“Extracting the Stories Around” featuring Femi Odugbemi, Odolina Roussinov, and Kelechi Udegbe

The “Extracting the Stories Around” panel featured seasoned filmmaker Femi Odugbemi, media educator Odolina Roussinov, and renowned actor Kelechi Udegbe. They explored drawing inspiration from their surroundings and turning everyday experiences into compelling narratives. Emphasizing the power of authenticity in storytelling, Femi highlighted the importance of refraction and new perspectives on familiar narratives. Odolina stressed the need for unique and creative points of view, while Kelechi emphasized the profound impact of stories extracted from society. The panellists encouraged storytellers to venture beyond their comfort zones and explore the richness of African stories.

My favourite quote from the panel (paraphrased): Storytelling is not only reflection, but it is also refraction. – Femi Odugbemi


“Intelligent Assistance for Creativity: The AI Story” featuring Justin Irabor and Obinna Okerekeocha

In the “Intelligent Assistance for Creativity: The AI Story” panel, Justin Irabor, a Software Engineer & AI Enthusiast, and Obinna Okerekeocha, Moniepoint’s Director of Content, delved into the role of AI in aiding creativity. Justin questioned the legal implications and ownership of content generated by AI tools. He discussed the importance of high-quality prompts and how AI can free humans to focus on more vital aspects of life. Obinna echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the irreplaceable human touch in storytelling.

The audience was captivated by the engaging discussions, leaving with the takeaway that AI is a valuable tool to enhance storytelling experiences.

My favourite quote from the panel (paraphrased): Whatever jobs machines can do, we (humans) should probably let them, so that we can instead focus on more important aspects of living. – Justin Irabor


Unleash Your Creative Genius with Albantsho – Product Demo

iDraft Griot Panel

CPO Chijioke ‘CJ’ Mac-Eze

Amidst the insightful panels, the Albantsho product demo stole the show, unveiling an innovative screenwriting tool for aspiring and seasoned screenwriters.

Albantsho’s Chief Product Officer, Chijioke ‘CJ’ Mac-Eze, showcased features such as an industry-standard editor, a marketplace to pitch and sell to producers, and a community to connect with fellow screenwriters.

The audience was impressed by the tool’s potential to revolutionize the screenwriting process and empower storytellers across Nigeria and Africa.


A Resounding Success

iDraft Griot Panel

Cross section of the audience.

As the curtains fell on the iDraft Griot Panel 2023, Albantsho’s commitment to fostering meaningful conversations on filmmaking and its dedication to uplifting storytellers shone brighter than ever. With renewed enthusiasm, the company looks forward to curating more impactful events and initiatives that will shape the storytelling landscape and amplify diverse voices in the industry. As attendees left the event, they knew they were part of a thriving community of storytellers, ready to make their mark and share the magic of African stories with the world. 

Together, we embark on an inspiring journey of storytelling excellence, embracing the power of narratives to create a lasting impact on our world and beyond. Stay tuned for exciting updates and opportunities as we continue our mission to empower and celebrate the art of storytelling. 

The future holds boundless possibilities, and Albantsho is determined to be at the forefront, championing positive outlooks and catalyzing transformative storytelling experiences for generations to come.

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