Albantsho Presents iDraft Griot Panel 2023: Fueling African Storytelling and Innovation

Jul 15, 2023

Lagos, Nigeria – Albantsho, a leading African createch startup that connects screenwriters with producers, is thrilled to announce the upcoming iDraft Griot Panel 2023. This highly anticipated event aims to foster enlightening conversations about screenwriting, filmmaking, and storytelling in Africa, provide actionable insights, and propel the careers of participants in the storytelling industry.

Following the resounding success of last year’s Griot panel, which explored the topic “Screenwriting in Africa: Stories, Tools and Future Forward Innovations,” Albantsho is building on this momentum to host two captivating panel conversations. The thought-provoking topics to be explored are “Extracting the Stories Around” and “Intelligent Assistance for Creativity: The AI Story.” Additionally, this event will serve as the official launch of the Albantsho brand, where the startup will spotlight its platform which enables screenwriters to do their best work and connects producers with the best storytellers in Africa.

iDraft Griot Panel 2023

Host: Julio O. Ako | CEO/Co-founder, Albantsho

The iDraft Griot Panel 2023 serves as a meeting ground for top stakeholders in the filmmaking industry including directors, producers, screenwriters, and media platforms. The goal of the event is to inspire, challenge, and ignite dialogue that pushes the boundaries of our collective understanding of storytelling and explores the role that technology could play in elevating our storytelling experience. By merging advanced technologies with the art of storytelling, we seek to set the stage for a future where innovation and creativity go hand in hand.

The Griot Panel embodies Albantsho’s mission to ignite everyone’s creativity with the best tools for filmmaking. The Createch startup believes one way to do this is to empower African filmmakers and storytellers through the democratisation of knowledge and opportunities. This is why its annual Griot Panel focuses on enriching discussions and empowering experiences and networking opportunities, and this year’s edition will not be any different., the panel exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation in storytelling and shaping the future of filmmaking.

iDraft Griot Panel 2023

Panel 1: L-R: Femi Odugbemi, Odolina Roussinov, and Kelechi Udegbe

At this year’s Griot Panel, attendees can expect two insightful panel discussions led by industry experts. Panel one, “Extracting the Stories Around,” will delve into the notion that individuals often find themselves as mere passengers in their own lives, shaped by external events, and the true skill of a seasoned storyteller is knowing how to extract compelling stories from those events and present them from a fresh perspective.

The panellists expected to lead the first session include Femi Odugbemi, Odolina Roussinov, and Kelechi Udegbe. They will explore the opportunities for storytellers in portraying characters swept along by historical events or cultural shifts and share their storytelling techniques and experiences.

The second panel session which is tagged “Intelligent Assistance for Creativity: The AI Story,” will focus on the role of AI and machine learning in the creative process. This rapidly growing field raises intriguing questions about the nature of creativity, the impact of technology, and the future of human-AI collaborations.

iDraft Griot Panel 2023

Panel 2: L-R: Justin Irabor, Bola Atta, and Obinna Okerekeocha

The panellists, which include the likes of Justin Irabor, Bola Atta, Fiyin Gambo, and Obinna Okerekeocha, are seasoned professionals with tons of experience in using technology for various creative endeavours. They will bring this wealth of experience to the conversations regarding AI’s applications in storytelling, such as AI-generated content and predictive text models, the future of AI in creative fields, and its potential to transform the way stories are created and consumed.

The iDraft Griot Panel 2023 will be a remarkable event that brings together industry experts, aspiring creatives, and other key stakeholders in African storytelling. Through engaging discussions, insightful demonstrations, and the official launch of the Albantsho brand, the event is set to be a melting pot of ideas, personalities, and opportunities that will foster a vibrant African storytelling community and create opportunities for growth and innovation in the African filmmaking industry.

For more information and to register for the iDraft Griot Panel 2023, please CLICK HERE.


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