Albantsho Announces Finalists for iDraft Screenwriting Program 2023

Jun 1, 2023

Lagos, Nigeria – [1st June 2023] – Albantsho, the leading storytelling platform enhancing authentic African stories through a story marketplace, in collaboration with FilmRats Club is thrilled to unveil the finalists of the highly anticipated iDraft screenwriting program for 2023.

The program attracted an overwhelming number of impressive submissions from talented screenwriters across the continent, vying for the opportunity to participate in an intensive 8-week program. This program will guide participants in refining their stories, from concept to production-ready screenplays.

Following a meticulous evaluation process by our esteemed panel of judges, comprised of industry professionals and experienced writers, we proudly present the exceptional finalists:


Below is the list of the iDraft ’23 finalists in no particular order:

  1. Kelvin Amamize (Nigeria) – Homebound
  2. Beaty Opanga (Kenya) – The Stowaway Princess
  3. Tawanda Vombo (Zimbabwe) – Motapa
  4. Ogochukwu Umeadi (Nigeria) – Katari
  5. Hope Matthew (Nigeria) – The Dream Job
  6. Chitaru Junior (Zimbabwe) – The Girl Who Saw Ghosts
  7. Nkeoma Umudu (Nigeria) – Taagbo
  8. Ademola Aderinale (Nigeria) – Kappi
  9. June Wairegi (Kenya) – Unmade
  10. Francis Onyeka (Nigeria) – Like Minds
  11. Evelyn Gachuchu (Kenya) – Rivaval
  12. Chioma Lawrence (Nigeria) – A Walk On Chalks
  13. Victoria Ogunwemimo (Nigeria) – The Dreamer
  14. Rishama Madaki (Nigeria) – The Divorcees



These finalists have demonstrated an exceptional ability to craft engaging narratives with compelling characters, all aimed at showcasing the human experience. Their scripts span a diverse range of genres, from heartwarming dramas to thrilling horrors and historical fiction, unveiling the untapped depth and breadth of African storytelling.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists for their remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipate the realization of their scripts.

The iDraft workshop will be led by a dynamic team of writers and mentors, including Amanda Moresco, Chucko Esiri, Chidi Barbara, Gilbert Bassey, Nikita Mokgware, Emil Garuba, Lauren O’connor, Stephen Asamoah, Odolina Roussinov and the enigmatic facilitator, Jahmil Quebaka. This esteemed group will guide participants on a transformative journey of self-discovery, helping them unleash their cathartic stories and develop projects ready for production. Our partnering producers, REDTV and Temple Films will evaluate the scripts for potential production.

The workshop will culminate in the Griot panel event on July 28th, where Albantsho’s product will be officially launched to the public, and winners of the Annual Scriptwriting Contest will be announced during a grand award ceremony.

The Programs Director, Daphne Atsutse extends her deepest appreciation to all the participants for their incredible submissions, as their passion and dedication to storytelling have made this workshop a resounding success.

For more information about the iDraft Scriptwriting Workshop and Albantsho, please visit

About Albantsho:

Albantsho enhances authentic African stories through scriptwriting software and a story marketplace, empowering screenwriters and industry professionals to create impactful stories on a global scale. Our mission is to ignite everyone’s creativity with the best tools for filmmaking.

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