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Nov 23, 2023

This week’s episode of Albantsho’s In Conversation With… was a delight. Our guest, Adeniyi ‘TAJ’ Joseph Omóbulèjó, brought infectious energy, making it challenging to discern if time stood still or raced by, immersed in the enjoyable conversation. Interestingly, it was TAJ’s first time on an IG Live, and he effortlessly embraced the fun Albantsho spirit!

Known as TAJ in the film industry, he is an accomplished film director, cinematographer, and editor. Irrespective of his role in a project, this skilled filmmaker’s primary goal is always to “make stories work.” Having witnessed some of his diverse projects spanning film, TV, and commercials, we wholeheartedly agree.

As we reveled in the enjoyable conversation, we gleaned valuable insights into TAJ’s work ethic, processes, and his latest project, Olóládé, a series set to premiere on Netflix on November 24, 2023.

Adeniyi ‘TAJ’ Joseph blends fun with wisdom, and we trust you’ll extract a lesson or two from this recap. Enjoy the read!

Adeniyi "TAJ" Joseph

Adeniyi “TAJ” Joseph Òmóbulèjó

Script Quality: A Director’s Delight

TAJ’s decision to direct “Ololade” was influenced by the well-crafted script. In an industry where script revisions are common, TAJ found the quality of the script to be exceptional, providing a strong foundation for the project.

Essence of Storytelling: Connecting on a Human Level

For TAJ, the essence of storytelling lies in its ability to resonate on a human level, inspire, and impact. He shared valuable insights into what he looks for when picking up a screenplay, stressing the need for stories that connect with audiences personally.

Openness and Collaboration: Key to Success

Emphasizing the collaboration between writers and directors, TAJ highlighted the importance of openness and collaboration. He urged writers to seek feedback from diverse perspectives to avoid being trapped in a limited creative space.

Technical Aspects of Cinematography: Trusting Passionate Directors

Delving into the technical aspects of cinematography, TAJ clarified that the writer’s focus should be on crafting a compelling story, leaving the interpretation to the director. He encouraged writers to trust passionate directors who can bring their stories to life visually.

Self-Critique for Writers: Understanding Intent and Maintaining Brevity

During the conversation, TAJ highlighted the significance of self-critique for writers. He emphasized understanding the intention behind every scene, keeping the logline in mind, and ensuring brevity to maintain audience engagement.

Adeniyi TAJ Joseph on set

Adeniyi TAJ Joseph on set

Commendation for Albantsho: Fostering Community and Skill Development

As the session concluded, TAJ commended Albantsho for fostering an interactive community of trained writers. He expressed his belief that an improvement in the skills of writers in the film industry would inevitably elevate the quality of films produced.

In essence, our conversation with TAJ provided a deep dive into the art of storytelling, offering aspiring writers and filmmakers valuable insights into the collaborative and nuanced world of filmmaking. 

Stay tuned for more enriching conversations on “In Conversation With…” as we continue to explore the diverse realms of the creative industry.


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