In Conversation With Dafe Oboro: Art Appreciation In Filmmaking

Nov 9, 2023

In our latest episode of ‘In Conversation With…,’ we had the privilege of delving into the vibrant world of Dafe Oboro, an artist whose vision extends beyond the canvas and into the realm of filmmaking. Let’s journey through the highlights and insights that unfolded during this captivating conversation.


1. Dafe Oboro the Artist

Dafe introduced himself as an artist seeking to merge photography with the act of coloring, a journey to bridge the gap between his younger and current self. Through his work, he invites a reflection on the past, present and a contemplation of the future.


2. Art Appreciation: Roots in Community

For Dafe, art appreciation begins with acknowledging its roots; for him, that root is his community. He reminisced about his childhood in Ajegunle, Lagos, emphasizing the profound influence it had on his artistic approach. His ability to appreciate what inspires him becomes the driving force behind his creations.

Dafe Oboro

Dafe Oboro


3. Navigating the Artistic Journey

Reflecting on his experiences, from winning the Art X Prize to various events, Dafe shared how the year unfolded for him. Despite initial challenges, he expressed gratitude for the growth and the support of friends who played a pivotal role in navigating the artistic journey.


4. The Strength in Community

Highlighting the importance of community, Dafe emphasized drawing strength from a network of friends and loved ones during the creative process. He shared a powerful quote from his godfather, a pastor, urging everyone to remember their ‘church,’ the source of inspiration. Keeping in touch with old friends continues to inspire and influence his creative endeavors.


5. Filmmaking with an Artistic Background

Dafe explored the distinction between filmmakers with and without an art background. He acknowledged the validity of both perspectives but underscored the challenge posed by commercial interests overshadowing artistic quality. Dafe urged fellow artists to focus on creativity and let business experts handle commercial aspects.


6. Navigating Distractions in the Creative Process

Addressing potential distractions from those prioritizing commercial aspects, Dafe acknowledged the inevitability of such challenges. He stressed the importance of setting clear expectations from the project’s onset and aligning collaborators with the artistic or commercial nature of the venture.

Dafe Oboro

Dafe Oboro


7. Expanding Worldviews for Creativity

Dafe shared his unique approach to expanding worldviews—he doesn’t read books; instead, he lives life. He encouraged creatives to embrace diverse experiences, be present, feel deeply, and observe their surroundings. Living a rich life, filled with adventure and presence, becomes the wellspring of inspiration.


8. Lessons from ‘Odafe’ Exhibition

Reflecting on his recent exhibition, “Odafe,” Dafe revealed lessons learned about himself and his artistic process. He emphasized minimizing procrastination, maximizing time, and the mental energy needed for recuperation.


9. Certification and Breaking into the Industry

Dafe challenged the notion that certification is essential for breaking into the creative industry. He affirmed that passion, coupled with a willingness to maximize available tools, outweighs the need for formal qualifications.

Dafe Oboro

Dafe Oboro


10. Final Words: A Canvas of Wisdom

Albantsho’s Founder and Host of ‘In Conversation With…’ Julie O. Ako, recapped major talking points, and Dafe concluded with wisdom on certification as a creative. He emphasized the value of passion and resourcefulness, asserting that one doesn’t need to be the best to make a mark in the industry.


In summary, In Conversation With…’ episode with Dafe Oboro was full of artistic insights, community strength, and a celebration of creativity’s boundless possibilities. 


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