Championing African Folklore: “Juju Stories,” “Mami Wata” and Cultural Representation – In Conversation With Oge Obasi

Feb 13, 2024

In the vibrant world of African cinema, Oge Obasi stands as a luminary, championing stories that resonate deeply with cultural roots. With notable productions like “Juju Stories” and the Sundance-award-winning “Mami Wata,” Oge brings a refreshing authenticity to the screen, celebrating the richness of African folklore and cultural representation.

In this episode of Albantsho In Conversation With, we sit down with Oge Obasi to talk about what it means to tell stories rooted in African folklore in today’s cinemas. We delve into her recent films, particularly “Juju Stories” and “Mami Wata,” using anecdotes from their productions to illustrate key points.

This is a refreshing conversation that, among many other lessons, emphasizes the importance of staying authentic to oneself to tell better, more impactful stories. Dive in.


Oge Obasi on Albantsho Blog

Oge Obasi

Unveiling Profound Insights: Lessons from Oge’s Creative Journey

Our conversation with Oge unveiled profound insights into her creative journey and the essence of storytelling in African cinema. One striking lesson echoed throughout her discourse: the importance of authenticity. Oge emphasized the power of personal identity in filmmaking, stressing that genuine passion and care for a story are palpable to audiences. Whether it’s the intriguing narratives of “Juju Stories” or the mystical allure of “Mami Wata,” Oge’s films captivate audiences worldwide, transcending cultural barriers through the universal language of storytelling.


Empowering Aspiring Storytellers: Oge’s Advice for Finding Creative Voice

For aspiring storytellers seeking their creative voice, Oge’s advice rings true: embrace every story with an open mind. There’s no such thing as a “wrong” story; it’s the storyteller’s belief and commitment that breathe life into narratives. Drawing from personal experiences and cultural heritage, storytellers can craft authentic tales that resonate with audiences on a profound level.


Mami Wata movie

“Mami Wata” | Directed by CJ Obasi and Produced by Oge Obasi


Navigating the Complexities of Cultural Representation

Navigating the intricate landscape of cultural representation, Oge sheds light on the unique challenges and triumphs encountered in the production process. From the nuanced reception of “Mami Wata” across different regions to the delicate balance of artistic integrity and commercial pressures, Oge’s insights offer invaluable wisdom for filmmakers navigating the industry’s waters.


A Journey of Self-Discovery and Cultural Celebration

Ultimately, Oge’s journey embodies the essence of storytelling: a journey of self-discovery, cultural celebration, and unwavering dedication to the craft. As we delve deeper into the world of African folklore and cultural representation, Oge’s passion and vision serve as guiding beacons, inspiring storytellers to weave tales that illuminate the richness of African heritage.

Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations unraveling the diverse threads of creativity on Albantsho’s platform.


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