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Nov 30, 2023

When asked about the choice of a blurry photo for the promotional cover for this episode of Albantsho’s In Conversation With…, Sasha Zemee (Nosazemen Agbontaen) responded by saying that unconventional choice best reflected her stance on self-expression. This is the kind of artiste Sasha is – bold, uncompromising, and daring to be different in a world that can sometimes feel vanilla. 

We delve into the intricacies of Sasha’s cinematic journey, unraveling the essence of her art and exploring the question: Can Movies Be a Form of Self-expression Too?

Enjoy the recap below.

Sasha Zemee/Nosazemen Agbontaen/Nosa Machi


The Path to Self-Awareness

Sasha’s journey into self-awareness is a testament to her commitment to the nuances of life. She emphasizes the importance of being present and inquisitive, seeking clarity in every moment. Her love for astrology serves as a compass for understanding herself, fostering an honest exploration of her identity.


Navigating the Intersection of Art and Commerce

As a filmmaker, Sasha finds herself at the crossroads of creating art for personal fulfillment and catering to commercial demands. Her films are a reflection of her innermost desires, crafted with the intent to resonate with audiences. For Sasha, the financial reward lies in viewers connecting authentically with her stories.


S16 Film Festival Experience

Sasha shared her experience at the S16 Film Festival, where her film resonated with a diverse audience. The joy of witnessing audience reactions to different parts of her movie highlighted the power of storytelling in creating emotional connections.


Feedback Dynamics in Self-Produced Indie Films

When it comes to gathering feedback for her self-produced indie films, Sasha takes a unique approach. She values collaboration for nuanced critique but remains cautious about seeking external opinions. Balancing between inner creative instincts and external critique is a delicate art that Sasha navigates skillfully.


Desires for Future Films

Sasha’s initial desire to tell optimistic stories about African people has evolved into a broader exploration of curiosity and facing fears through her films. While she envisions financial success, Sasha remains steadfast in her commitment to creating meaningful narratives that go beyond the realms of conventional storytelling.


As Sasha prepares to debut another film at the S16 Festival in December, her creations AZÜMI and Sisi Motara continue to captivate audiences on YouTube. Through her art, Sasha Zemee invites viewers to contemplate the depth of cinematic expression and the profound impact it holds as a conduit for self-discovery.

In this captivating episode of ‘In Conversation With…,’ Sasha Zemee’s insights provide a glimpse into the soul of a filmmaker who weaves stories not just for an audience but as a profound expression of her own journey.


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