Welcome to Albantsho’s ScriptLive: Where Stories Unfold

Are you passionate about storytelling, intrigued by the nuances of screenwriting, and eager to dive into lively discussions about what makes the movies you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) stand out? Look no further than ScriptLive, Albantsho’s premier monthly event that celebrates the art of screenwriting, cinematic exploration, and collaborative learning.

Albantsho's ScriptLive

What is ScriptLive?

ScriptLive is the gateway to a vibrant world of storytelling. It’s a monthly meetup for film lovers, screenwriters, and filmmakers to discuss the scripts shaping our favorite films.

At each gathering, we explore a fresh screenplay, discussing characters, plot twists, smart writing decisions that create memorable stories, and sometimes, why certain creative choices didn’t quite connect with the audience.

We meet for the love of film and leave with new insights to better appreciate the art form.


Why Join ScriptLive?

ScriptLive is open to lovers of film, screenwriters, and all other arms of film professionals. Here are things you stand to gain if you join the conversation:

1. Deep Dive Discussions: Immerse yourself in in-depth conversations about movies, characters, storytelling techniques, and more. Engage with fellow participants who share your passion for screenwriting, filmmaking, and storytelling.

2. Expand Your Knowledge: Whether you’re a seasoned screenwriter or just starting your screenwriting journey, ScriptLive offers a treasure trove of insights, techniques, and fresh perspectives to enrich your craft.


3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of writers, filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and expand your network within the realm of film.

4. Fuel Your Creativity: Gain inspiration from different genres, styles, and storytelling approaches. ScriptLive fuels your creative fire and encourages you to explore new narrative territories.


How to Join ScriptLive

1. Read The Script Of The Month

A new script is announced at the start of a new month on Instagram. It’s a great practice to read before joining the conversation.

Some of the scripts we’ve read in the past include GDT’s Pinnochio, They Cloned Tyrone, Moonlight, Fences, Eyimofe, Beasts of No Nation, and more here.

2. Mark your calendar via Clubhouse

Mark your calendar on Clubhouse for 6 PM (WAT), the last Sunday of every month.

Not on Clubhouse? No worries. You can add the event to your calendar and join the room without needing to create a Clubhouse account. Bring your thoughts and questions to the table and join in vibrant conversations with other participants. 



ScriptLive is brought to you in collaboration with FilmRats Club and co-hosted by Nikita Mokgware (Co-founder, WIF Botswana)