In Conversation With Jahmil Qubeka | iDraft 2023 Open Day Session

Jul 25, 2023

The Albantsho team has been hard at work bringing the 2023 iDraft Screenwriting Workshop to life. In addition to the amazing facilitators we had guiding our 15 participants, we also had a sit-down with award-winning filmmaker Jahmil Qubeka.

Jahmil Qubeka

In Conversation with Jahmil Qubeka, we learn how to transform story ideas into screen-ready scripts. The award-winning filmmaker shares practical tips for creating critically-acclaimed films & TV shows.

Watch, like, comment, and share the session on our Albantsho YouTube channel!

PS: Join us for a day of insightful conversations about filmmaking in Africa and exciting networking opportunities for filmmaking professionals. Admittance is free, but you need to register HERE.


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